Calibration service companies and service industry

 Measurement and control laboratories

 Quality assurance Special features

 Measurement and electric pressure generation with integrated pump at the touch of a key, from -0.8 ... +20 bar

 Accuracy: 0.025 % (incl. calibration certificate)

 Generation/measurement of 4 ... 20 mA, and 24 V voltage supply to power transmitters

 Accurate temperature measurement with Pt100 resistance thermometer

 Robust and compact design


General information

The model CPH6600 hand-held pressure calibrator is a small, lightweight calibrator which can generate pressures of up to 20 bar and vacuum of -0.8 bar through an integrated, high-performance electric pump. The CPH6600 is only slightly larger than the model CPH6400 precision hand-held pressure indicator and weighs less than 1 kg. Due to its compact and ergonomic design the CPH6600 is very lightweight and user-friendly.


The CPH6600 provides an accuracy of 0.025 % FS for the built-in pressure pressure sensor. The temperature compensation of the built-in sensor safeguards the accuracy for applications in the field. Readings can be displayed in one of 15 standard units.


A connection for an external pressure module supports all model CPT6600 and CPT6100 WIKA/Mensor pressure modules. Thus a pressure measurement is possible for even wider pressure measuring ranges and better accuracy. In addition, in combination with an external temperature sensor, simultaneous temperature measurement is also possible with the CPH6600. Additional functions, such as pressure switch tests and the display of the test items deviation in percent, increase the user-friendliness of the CPH6600.


The WIKA-CAL calibration software is available for online calibration in combination with a PC. Using this software, the data is automatically transferred into a printable calibration certificate. Furthermore, WIKA-CAL also offers, over and above PC-supported calibration, the management of the calibration and instrument data in an SQL database.

Complete service case

For maintenance and service applications, a fully equipped service case system is available.

Certified accuracy

For the model CPH6600 hand-held pressure calibrator, the accuracy is certified by a factory calibration certificate which accompanies the instrument. On request, we can provide a DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate for this instrument.

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